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GT-Foam is an innovative family-owned business based in the Kempen, specializing in high-quality spray and injection insulation systems that cover the entire building envelope since 2009. The company provides various customized insulation solutions to its B2B and B2C customer base.

Through a Smart Deal, the founders have successfully transferred the business to their son, Nick Van Den Broeck, who has been actively involved in the daily management since 2018. “Enabling Nick to take over the company was key for us in choosing a Smart Deal.” says Guy Van Den Broeck. “Nick understands the company inside out and shares the values that GT-Foam stands for. We are confident that they will be preserved. Martine and I will remain on board for some time. We are proud of what we have built over the years and are delighted that the next generation will continue to build on it.”

“I am honoured to take over the reins and ensure the continuity of GT-Foam within the same vision as my parents. By doing so, we have made the right decision for the company, the employees and our customers who have entrusted us over the years. Our vision remains the same, as does the level of service that our customers have come to expect from us.” Nick explains.

Furthermore, the company is strengthened by an active board of directors to further roll out the corporate strategy with the existing vision. “With Nick at the helm, GT-Foam is ideally positioned to be decisive in the consolidation of the market from its headquarters in the Kempen,” says Pieter Rober, member of the board of directors. “Among other things, additional investments will be made to make the extensive experience and expertise in complex insulation projects more visible. From my position as a director at Isoworx, a technical insulation company and also a Smart Deal, we will be able to meet all the insulation needs of our customers in the short term. This is a unique proposition in the Belgian market.”

“With the support of Pieter and SDM, I am convinced that we now hold all the cards to write the next chapter in the continuity of GT-Foam.” Nick adds.

SDM Corporate Finance Group facilitated the Smart Deal, ensuring that the family entrepreneurs were fully supported throughout the process.