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A flying start to your business dreams

Young business professionals and experienced managers alike who aspire for a management buy-in (MBI) can expect quite a few challenges in the search for the right company. Our Smart2GO facilitates the search for potential target companies by providing intensive guidance and a full-service solution.

What is Smart2Go?

Exclusive partnership

During the course of an exclusive one-year partnership, we set out to identify potential target companies with a proven track record, stable cash flow and significant business value.

Intensive guidance

MBI candidates are given intensive guidance and support with assessments and coaching. The benefits are two-fold; you receive helpful advice and support and we gain a greater understanding of the types of companies that fit your profile.

Success guaranteed or no charge

You do not pay SDM until the transaction takes place. In the interim, we offer a full-service solution that includes financial analyses, negotiations, due diligence, legal documentation and debt financing.

How does Smart2Go work?

Joris Vanhove


Who benefits from Smart2Go?

There is no one type of MBI candidate. Our experience has taught us that multiple professional  profiles are in an excellent position to benefit from Smart2GO.

  • Managers with C-level experience, both of small to medium-sized companies, as well as major multinationals.
  • Experienced business professionals who have already sold a company successfully.
  • Young entrepreneurs who are eager to make their mark in the world.

Each of these profiles face very specific challenges.

  • Young MBI candidates, for example, often struggle with inadequate financing.
  • Experienced business professionals, on the other hand, may progress more slowly than a private equity fund targeting the same company.
  • Experienced managers need to familiarise themselves with a completely different remuneration model.

We offer a personalised Smart2GO solution tailored to the needs of each individual professional and their profile.

Smart2GO-traject en mbi-kandidaten

Others who have already embarked on this journey...

“With Smart2GO, SDM brings in additional shareholders who strengthen the company’s capital position. This provided me with certainty in terms of working capital and future investments”

Steven SackDe Kobra

Intensive guidance


Finding targets

We use your profile to identify potential target companies with a strong, proven track record.

Financial analysis and valuation

We assess the financial figures and determine the intrinsic worth of each of the potential candidates.


During negotiations, we help you determine the transaction terms and price.

Due diligence

We carry out a thorough due diligence and evaluate the financial, legal, and operational status.

Raising capital and debt financing

We guide you through the process of obtaining the necessary investment capital to finance the acquisition.

Legal documentation and closing

Finally, we prepare the required legal documents and conclude the transaction.


When undergoing the Smart2GO process, you not only acquire a company, but also a network of business professionals. SDM connects you, as a business owner, with like-minded professionals and investors in our network. Our network consists of both experienced and promising business professionals and investors. Using their secured personal assets, they put their knowledge and drive to work to make other companies successful. Through these contacts, we help you to drive the value creation you aim to achieve as the business manager of a company.

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We create value for business owners. 

We create value for business owners. 

We create value for business owners.