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Smart deals

Smart business professionals sign Smart Deals

As a business owner, you work hard day in, day out. Our mission is to help you work smarter, not just harder. Our Smart Deal offers you the possibility to diversify your assets and enable key employees and successors to participate in the transaction.

What is a Smart Deal?

Strengthening your company’s position

The experience of investors combined with the participation of key employees and successors drives value creation for your company.

Diversifying your assets into a balanced portfolio

Being a business owner with all your assets in a single investment increases your vulnerability to risk. With Smart Deal, you can transform yourself from a risk-exposed business owner into a Smart Deal business owner by diversifying your revenue streams and, therefore, reducing risk.

Success guaranteed or no charge

Together we will define a clear goal. We will make you aware of what you can expect and provide you with the relevant contractual and legal advice. You only need to pay if we meet the agreed result.

How does a Smart Deal work?

Jan Verbrugge


How does a Smart Deal work?


Sale of your business

With a Smart Deal, you sell your business to a newly-established holding company.

Remaining as shareolder

In the new holding company, you remain a shareholder or reference shareholder.

Management and successors

Your management team, key employees and/or familial heirs can participate in the transaction together with you.

Support from Smart Dealers

Several business professionals invest alongside you and support you with their knowledge, experience and network.

Remaining in control

Despite the sale, you remain on as a business manager, retaining leadership and providing consistency and certainty for all involved.

Leverage your assets

Finally, you will have moved more than half the value of your company into your personal assets portfolio.

We are on the same wavelength as fellow business professionals

The Smart Deal is an excellent solution for successful business owners who are approaching a turning point and want to leverage their business and personal assets.

  • Do you feel like your company has reached its maximum potential? Are you wondering how to stimulate further growth?
  • Do you want to strengthen your company’s position, whilst, at the same time, free up more personal capital so that you can reap the rewards of your success right now, rather than waiting until later in life?
  • Do you want to explore the possibility of enabling key employees and family members to become shareholders early on in the process?

SDM is all about business professionals working for business professionals. We are on the same  wavelength and are about more than just transactions. That is why we begin the process with an in-depth discussion with you to listen to and understand your needs and goals.

Smart deals - van ondernemers, voor ondernemers

Strong figures


Of shareholder equity is tied up in a single share: your company


Smart Deals entered into


Of experience and counting

Others who have already embarked on this journey...

“A Smart Deal is not only about euros and cents. Thanks to the Smart Deal, I’ve grown both as a person and a business professional”

Michel PradoliniIFS International

“Since we decided to go with the Smart Deal, we’ve brought together a large group of committed ambassadors. This gives us a stable foundation for the next five years”

Chris ThiranBelgian Wine Watchers

“The benefits for me as an investor in a Smart Deal, besides the financial, is getting in touch with other entrepreneurs.”

Luk Busschop | Dirk VandeputteVandeputte Safety

Smart Deal Business Club

A Smart Deal also makes you a fully-fledged member of the Smart Deal Business Club. Members of the Smart Deal Club are presented with interesting investment opportunities in an informal networking environment. Members can share their knowledge, visions and plans, as well as gain an understanding of the added value that each member can bring to the table.
Members of the Smart Deal Business Club form a like-minded community of experienced and promising business professionals and investors. Using their secured personal assets, they put their knowledge, experience and drive to work to help make other companies successful.

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We create value for business owners 

We create value for business owners 

We create value for business owners