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Smart Deal Business Club

Unlocking untapped potential together

A Smart Deal not only enables you to leverage your personal assets as a business owner, but also makes you a fully-fledged member of the Smart Deal Business Club, where members jointly invest in interesting Belgian and international companies who need much more than just capital.

What is the Smart Deal Business Club?

Smart Deal

The Smart Deal Business Club is a network of successful business professionals who have opted for a Smart Deal.

Balanced assets

By bringing investors on board their own company, the members are able to secure their personal assets.


Through the Smart Deal Club, business professionals reinvest their knowledge, experience and vision, adding value to successful companies with a proven track record.

The benefits of the Smart Deal Business club


Informal networking

Members of the Smart Deal Club are presented with interesting investment opportunities in an informal networking setting.


Smart Deal Business Club members are a community of passionate and dedicated investors who share their visions and plans. You will get to know your fellow members and learn about what qualities and values each of them brings to the table.

Writing success stories

Using their secured personal assets, business owners and investors are joining forces to make other companies successful

In the words of our members...

“As a member of the Smart Deal Business Club, I get to combine the joy of investing with brainstorming and creating the future of a company.””

Luc BusschopPrivate investor

“Belgium has quite a lot of untapped potential. The club offers an excellent opportunity to invest together with other Belgian investors.”

Dirk VandeputteCEO Vandeputte Safety

“The members of this community are entrepreneurs who look further and also think about matters such as sustainable entrepreneurship, art or lifestyle.”

Bart GonnissenOwner Select Group

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We create value for business owners 

We create value for business owners 

We create value for business owners