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Creating value for business owners

As a merger and acquisition specialist and seasoned shareholder advisor, SDM’s mission is to create value for entrepreneurs. Do you wish to hand over your business to the best price and the best terms? Do you want to secure your assets in time without having to stop doing business in the process? SDM will provide guidance and take care of the entire process.

SDM in a nutshell

On your wavelength

Your business is about more than just numbers. It’s your life’s work and an integral part of who you are. That is why we offer sales and investment guidance with a personal, tailored approach.
As business professionals ourselves, we understand the importance of consistency and transparency. That is why you will be guided by just one or two trusted advisors who will remain your consistent points of contact throughout the entire process. They will build an honest and transparent relationship with you to ensure a smooth transition and successful outcome.

Reliable partner

We are more than just trusted advisors, we are dealmakers. We provide you with detailed information on what you can expect and take care of the entire process from start to finish, including the sale, acquisition, Smart Deal or Smart2Go. This frees you up to focus all your attention on your business.

Independent advice

We offer independent, hands-on advice to help you find answers to questions, such as:
• What is my company worth?
• How do I embark on a growth journey through acquisitions?
• How do I guarantee the best possible leadership succession for a smooth transition?






Dealmakers worldwide in the Advior-netwerk

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We create value for business owners 

We create value for business owners 

We create value for business owners