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Le Grand & Associates, founded 3 years ago by the young entrepreneur Charles-Henry Provenzano, grew rapidly into a team of more than 15 employees. These days, the company is focused on recruitment & selection of financial and legal profiles and, via subsidiary LGA Engineering, of engineers and technical profiles.

Le Grand & Associates wants to grow in the immediate future by opening new offices and expanding further in serving vertical markets.

To support this rapid growth and further expansion, Charles-Henry relied on the support of SDM-Valorum to realize an LBO. The objectives of this transaction were as follows: on the one hand engaging several key employees, who will be crucial to attain the ambitions for the future, on the other hand strengthen the capital with the contribution of a number of private investors with strong economic networks.

Charles-Henry Provenzano remains the reference shareholder of his company and welcomes 5 employees to the company capital, alongside a dozen private investors. The company opens an office in Antwerp by the end of 2018 and plans to open an office in Luxembourg before the end of the year as well.