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Bert Vandermeer, Petra Rubens and Tijl Clerckx, the current directors of The Water Purifier, have gathered their expertise through previous valuable experiences in the sector. In 2012, they collectively decided to acquire The Water Purifier, an acquisition driven by their shared interest and experience in the industry. At the time of the transaction, The Water Purifier was a local player specialising in water softening and coolers. Since the acquisition, management has driven the company’s growth and intends to sustain this momentum through the Smart Deal. Since the current management acquired the company, they have propelled the company’s growth and aim to continue this trajectory through the Smart Deal.

The core focus of The Water Purifier is to provide pure water to both residential and commercial customers. The company offers a range of products and services, including water coolers, drinking water systems, water softeners, iron removal systems, etc. Additionally, the company bottles and delivers its own “Limburgs Water”, characterised by a low residual dry matter, which is utilised by numerous schools, hospitals, sports clubs, etc.

Given the market’s growth potential and the directors’ determination to expand business operations, opting for a Smart Deal was the appropriate decision. This mechanism provides support to the management in their ambition to solidify the current market position and enter new markets. Additionally, Bert, Petra, and Tijl can rely on a strong and experienced network of investors with capabilities to support them in achieving this growth. The company is also reinforced by an active Board of Directors who will further roll out the business strategy in line with the existing vision.

The Water Purifier is ready for the future, with its primary goal being to provide tailored solutions to all water-related challenges.

SDM guided the Smart Deal from inception to completion, ensuring maximum support for both the entrepreneur and the Smart Deal investors.

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